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"A brand’s identity is how you want your venture, business or project to be perceived by your target population. The components of the brand—name, logo, tone, typeface—should reflect the core values of your company and appeal to the population you’re trying to reach." - Investopedia

You're lifting that vision out of your mind and into the universe, and that process requires some focus—so take your time here! The thoroughness of your responses directly determines the successful translation of your vision. You're welcome to move past any non-required question that doesn't feel necessary to your project, but it's strongly encouraged that you to fill out as much as possible. Anj will be in contact within 48 hours (M-F). Chat soon!

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Primary Project Contact
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Secondary Project Contact
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What services are you looking for?
Here we will delve into the psyche of your brand. The better I understand brand and population, the better your finished product will be!
If you need assistance coming up with a brand name, indicate below.
Example: Kinfolk Magazine: “Delving into home, style, work and culture. Kinfolk promotes quality of life and connects a community of creative professionals from London to Tokyo.”
Example: Nike: “Just do it.”
A voice could be formal or informative like the New York Post or peppy, upbeat and or catchy like McDonalds’s. A brand voice can also be pop culture-specific which uses the common voices of today like Buzzfeed—or can even foster an ongoing romance with its consumer like Frank Body. Your brand voice should align with both your target population and the mission you’re trying to accomplish. It’s what will bring new members or customers to your brand, and maintain ongoing brand participation.
Brand Aesthetic
Aesthetic: a set of principles underlying and guiding the work of a particular artistic movement. Here, aesthetic means the overall look and feel of your brand.
What aesthetic profiles best fit your brand? (Check all that apply)
Web Design
As a Squarespace Circle member, I design all sites through Squarespace regardless of your current web-hosting destination. These questions are specific to the aesthetic and functionality of your web presence, and will automatically be optimized for mobile browsing. Keep in mind that statistically speaking, app and mobile/tablet browsing is increasingly preferred by users over desktop browsing.
Please be as detailed as possible.
Will you need assistance with domain searching and purchasing?
Your Design Pitch will include possible domain names.
(Squarespace, Wix, GoDaddy etc.)
Common pages include: About, Blog, Mission, Contact…
Do you prefer a scrolling or paginated site?
A scrolling site will function similar to the way a Facebook feed works where each content block that passes houses important information about your brand, an event, a quote or content. Think of these content blocks as a blurb. The Content blocks are clickable and can lead into a larger page. Paginated sites are a traditional site structure and is menu based: Each page is specifically designed for its own function, and visitors go back up the main menu to select a page. You can exercise a lot of creative freedom for a desktop version of this.
Will your site include e-commerce?
If so we will talk closely about your commerce needs upon meeting.
What sort of features would your site include (check all that apply): *
Do you have content (photos, stories, text) ready to populate your pages or will you need assistance?
How much copywriting assistance do you need? *
Photo/Text Relationship *
Photo/Text Relationship
I admire large photos that span the page with some text on the photos
I like my text completely set apart from photographic content
I’m okay with some text overlapping photos
A logo is a calling card into your brand. Here we will identify your needs and your design aesthetic. If you already have a logo, no need to fill this section! My strength is in simple text-based logos, flourishes and simple shapes. For more a more customized identity you may want to seek another alternative.
If you already have a logo, or variations of a logo, check the box below. I will retrieve logo files from you once we proceed.
Choose a logo type
Graphic means shapes or accompanying images.
How does your logo communicate?
Select the font profiles your brand best identifies with?
Graphically speaking, do you wish to use color in your logo or identity?
What color profile does your brand best identify with? (Check all that apply)
What is the earliest date you're expecting your project to be complete? *
What is the earliest date you're expecting your project to be complete?
What is the latest possible completion date?
What is the latest possible completion date?
This will help me understand your expectations of me.
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