Maternity Consultation

Becoming a mother is a special, tender time in every woman’s life. Anj conceptualizes and develops highly stylized and meaningful maternity portraits tailored to your unique personality and needs. The ideal potential clients trust our natural, artful and delicate process that comes with shooting women at this admirable stage in their lives.

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“In pregnancy, there are two bodies, one inside the other. Two people live under one skin. When so much of life is dedicated to maintaining our integrity as distinct beings, this bodily tandem is an uncanny fact.” — Joan Raphael-Leff


A Trust-Based, Natural and Artful Process

Photographer and client relationships are paramount in achieving beautiful and stunning results. This maternity process, is uncharacteristic in that it requires complete trust in the creative direction and intuition of Anj and/or her team (henceforth referred to as, “Anj” for simplicity) from the client.

  1. You will meet with Anj either in person or via video chat (in-person preferred if local). During our meeting, we’ll discuss your consultation survey results to get a more clear picture on your inspirations. We will also talk about your comfort level in front of the camera and all factors concerning your comfort level with visibility of your body. And we will you through what it's like to shoot with Anj and/or her team and give you the opportunity to ask any questions.

  2. Anj will convene separately to conceptualize and storyboard your vision. The visual story that Anj develop for you will not be a direct reflection of past sessions that Anj has executed for other mothers, but will be tailored to your consultation results, our best practices, your unique personality/energy and needs.

    Our process is founded on trust. Your limitations will never be undermined. All of the mothers who shoot with us trust the vision created for them with the mother’s inspirations and identity in mind, and are comfortable, excited and confident relinquishing creative control to Anj. Oftentimes we do not share the full visual concept with the mother until the day before or day of the shoot, but always share logistical information such as location and/or what you will need to bring—if anything; on occasion Anj may develop multiple scenes that will tell your story. So far this has been a truly exciting process for all our moms to show up and see what we’ve built.

    We do this to stay true to the images that brought you to this survey, and to make certain that we never duplicate anyone else’s narrative. To work with Anj is to trust her taste. If this is a hard limit for you, there is room for you to communicate that in the consultation below.

  3. To book, a 50% deposit is due a the time of shoot reservation to secure your date. Without deposit, your date could be taken at any time to make room for those who have paid for their reservation. Please reference “the basics” for more details on booking, contracting and final project delivery. At this time Anj is not offering family-based maternity shoots.

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Pricing includes:

  • In-person (or video chat) consultation

  • Storyboarding and concept development via Anj

  • Ancillary props (florals/foliage, fabrics, on-set tools, needed for set design/prop sourcing + styling)

  • Day of set management, styling, natural, earth-based skin enhancement for those who wish to be photographed natural; sensitive skin products used. Anj believes in natural light and natural looks. If you wish to have your own hair and makeup done that is perfectly fine.

  • Secured shooting date (we do not have a minimum/maximum shooting time but achieve optimal results within 3 hours (at most) from the time we meet to dressing-final shots at most.

  • Delivery of 15-55 edited shots which could vary (more or less) based on the availability and success of poses during our shoot time. Anj truly believes in natural beauty and does not edit to unrealistically smooth out or erase skin’s natural texture/uniqueness.

  • Exceptional, communicative client care

* Pricing can fluctuate if there is a milage cost for travel outside of Winston-Salem, or if studio rental (apart from Anj’s home studio) is necessary.

Anj will be in contact within 48 hours (M - F) to either gather more information for your project or to deliver a quote for your session. If your project needs expediting in any way (edit delivery, short notice project) please indicate as such in your project notes. Click the button below to open the consultation form.