Portrait Party Community Guidelines

Everything you need to know about what to expect!

October 13, 2018
Muse at the Mill

1151 Canal Dr
Winston-Salem, NC 27101
4:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Event Features:

  • Portrait Party zine featuring photos and tips from portrait photogs from all over!
  • Five 35 mm film cameras to check out!
  • A bin of 35 mm film to shoot on!
  • A "give and take" board where you list the things you need and other creatives reach up and figure out how they can give to your project/fill your need.
  • A table full of art books and publications to give you inspiration
  • A flatlay station for those wanting to get better at composition
  • A still life booth with props for helping to shoot composition

What can I bring?

Anything! Props that you'd like to style, clothes you'd like to wear, anything! 

What should I bring?

Bring business cards if you'd like. This is also a collaborative space so bring backdrops, extra rolls of film, extra lenses and/or tripods and an open mind to both receive and give.

Who is this event for?

Every time I meet a dope creative in Winston-Salem I always exclaim, "Where have  you been all this time?!" This space is an attempt to solve that problem—with an emphasis on photographers building, making and networking. All creative types are welcome: painters, dancers, illustrators, photographers, makeup artists, musicians, designers of every modality, stylists—everybody. If you spend a lot of time daydreaming about how to make a lasting impression with your creations, this is probably your jam.

Do I have to get my portrait taken?

Only if you want to! We hope that the Portrait Party challenges your social skills and gets you chatting with folks you don't know, asking for help and giving out any tips you can! So no, you don't have to sit for a portrait, but the photogs in the room would probably thank you for letting them practice.

How will I get a hold of my portrait following the event?

Don't worry your pretty little head about that! We'll send out an email with the full library of shots from every photog who photographed you a couple weeks following the event. 

Event Etiquette

  1. We are all teachers and students, therefore your role is to be as much a listener as a teacher. Please do not attend if you do not intend on being a part of a collaborative environment. 
  2. If you there's a creative in attendance you've been dying to meet, break out of your shell and introduce yourself, and further