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  1. Can you walk me through the ordering process?

    Once you place your order, you will receive a confirmation notification featuring the details of your completed purchase. Your order will spend up to 14 business days in production with our printer.

    Following production, all orders will be inspected, sealed and packaged for shipment then shipped. Once your order has shipped, you will receive an additional communication including tracking information. If for any reason your order is delayed, Anj will reach out to you directly.

  2. Which carrier do you use for shipping and how long should it take my order to get to me once shipped?

    USPS; shipping terms are designated by the carrier and the shipping option you purchased.

  3. Can you tell me about the product and its materials?

    Anj is proud to work with a print company that upholds that same values she holds: environmentally processed and socially responsible materials. All papers are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-Certified and acid-free.

    The Square Prints are press-printed (like stamping) on Mohawk brand paper in "Superfine." Mohawk Superfine is hailed as some of the best quality stock manufactured todayalso known for its exceptional texture and quality.

    The Statement Prints are giclée-printed (superior inkjet) images delivered on a smooth, heavy, neutral-white, archival matte paper fit to hold dense ink jobs, and maintain your images for a lifetime.

    The Heavyweight prints are also press-printed on an extra heavyweight, eggshell-colored paper. This print type is praised for its durability, strength and free-standing display properties that make a statement with or without a frame. Not to mention, it delivers a stunning photo.

  4. What the heck is giclée printing and how does it differ from standard printing processes?

    "Giclée printing is a process that uses fade-resistant, archival inks to print on large format printers. Giclée printing is often used by artists to make reproductions of their original two-dimensional artwork, photographs or computer-generated art while preserving the original."

    WOVEN is printed with
    10 different inks to depict true-to-color richness. The process also delivers a deeper unobstructed color profile with an even ink lay so the print is not "splotchy" or uneven. The final product features impeccable detail not found in basic inkjet, digital or laser prints.

  5. Whoaaa, that sounds fancy. So fancy that I may need help caring for my Statement Giclée Print. Any tips?

    It's recommended that you handle your Statement Prints with lintless gloves to prevent the unwanted transfer of fibers, residue and natural oils from your fingertips as you could smudge, stain or damage the print.

    If you do not have gloves on hand, use clean dry hands and try to handle along the outer edges of the print. Try and prevent excessive handling as you could mistakenly scrape or nick the inks.

    WOVEN features lots of negative black space so smudges, scrapes or nicks may be more evident.

    DO NOT place your print in the path of harsh, direct sunlight as it willespecially without proper framingsuffer from sun bleaching.

    It is highly recommended that you frame your Statement Print professionally to ensure the longevity of the print.

  6. Do the same care instructions apply for the Heavyweight or Square Print Set?

    As the Heavyweight and Square Print Set are press/transfer printed, they do not need to adhere to the same guidelines as a high quality ink jet print. However, we do advise that you keep them away from harsh, direct sunlight to prevent sun bleaching over time.

  7. What is the best way to frame or mount my prints?

    There are a myriad of ways to frame, hang or use your prints. The Square Set offers the most flexibility! However, we recommend you leave the large format framing jobs to the pros so your prints can last forever!

  8. How will my order be packaged and protected, and what can I expect when it arrives?

    Statement Prints larger than an 11 x 14 will be rolled and placed in a shipping tube which will also be placed in a box for extra protection.

    All Heavyweight Prints will be delivered in large scale envelopes or boxes with corrugated or foam core reinforcements. All Square Print Sets will be delivered in smaller envelopes with corrugated reinforcements. You can expect each order to be sealed with acid-free interleaving paper to protect your print from damages and/or craft paper to reinforce the rolls (depending on the print type).

    Each order will be signed (excluding the Square Print Set), and sealed.

  9. Who do I contact if I have complications with the site, if something happens with my order, a print arrives damaged, goes missing during shipping or I simply receive the incorrect print? Do you issue refunds?

    ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Only under severe circumstances will refunds be considered.

    The necessary measures are taken to assure that each print is protected, quality checked, secured and will not incur any damages during post-production, processing or shipping. Should any damages occur at the hands of our team, we require you to send photos of your damages to us immediately at iam@hiaj.co detailing the damage. If we are responsible for damages, we will replace the damaged piece at no cost to you whether it's the cost of the print or shipping. So too goes for receipt of an incorrect print.

    In the event of a lost package, together, we will work closely with you and our carrier to resolve any conflicts within our power to resolve. We will also work closely together to resolve any and all complications should they arise, and assure that outcomes, above all things, are just.

Have any other issues you'd like to talk to Anj about? Start by sending a detailed email and Anj will reach out to troubleshoot with you. Feel free to leave your phone number if you'd like a call.

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If applicable, please send photos of all damages immediately to iam@hiaj.co.